What Common Dental Problems Can Braces Fix?

Posted on August 26, 2022

Some people think braces are only used for aesthetic reasons. It’s a common misconception, but fixing your teeth can save you so much trouble and prevent dental issues in the long run. While a beautiful smile can increase your confidence and look fantastic, it’s not the main reason orthodontists recommend getting braces.

People should also consider starting the process early in life. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, you should schedule your child’s first dental visit at the one-year mark or six months after their first tooth appears. This will help prevent more significant conditions, so let’s find out more about them so you can decide!

Gum Problems from Improper Brushing

People with misaligned teeth might have noticed issues with their gums, not necessarily because they don’t brush enough or have bad dental hygiene. Crooked teeth don’t allow toothbrushes access to certain areas properly, and sometimes even flossing can’t help. So, straight teeth are much better for your oral health.

Spacing Between Your Teeth

Most people deal with odd spacing between their teeth. Diastema – the gap between two front teeth – is common in many children and adults. This issue can lead to overlapping, pain, crooked teeth, and more problems in the future. Luckily, an orthodontist will be able to fix those issues.

Chewing and Speech Problems

A significant issue with misaligned teeth is chewing, as some people might not be able to bite their food correctly. Additionally, food can easily get in between crooked teeth and lead to other problems. Some children might have difficulty with speech, too, as pronunciation can become more complicated because their tongues can’t find proper placement inside their mouths. Parents must fix these problems early because they only lead to more complications.

Self-Love Problems

While preventing diseases and conditions is most important, braces can also help self-esteem. Both children and adults tend to feel happier once their teeth align correctly. They can smile more in pictures and in general, which leads to better mental health. No one should be afraid to show their smiles, and braces are the first step to improving their confidence.

Now that you know the common issues braces can fix, it’s time to decide what’s right for you. There are many benefits to getting orthodontic treatment, and our specialists at Smilebliss will tell you all about them. Make an appointment and start the road to a perfect smile today!

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