Happiness is free. Getting a great smile almost is.

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Affordable payment plans.

60% LESS.

Typically, orthodontic care costs are so high, it’s caused more than a few budgets to experience altitude sickness. Well, at Smilebliss™, we wanted to change all that. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to create a blissful place where the smiles are as big as the positive vibes. It’s a place where everyone can get a great smile in less time for less money ­­— up to 60% less.

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Braces are just


Clear Aligners* just

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We accept most
insurance plans

When it comes to making sure you get the smile you’ve always wanted, our Smile Team goes above and beyond. In fact, not only will our team check your benefits for you, but we’ll also file claims, too.

Do something your future
self  will thank you for.

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