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Smilebliss from day 1 until treatment is done. Welcome to your new happy place.


At Smilebliss, our mission is simple: to create incredible smiles that give our patients the confidence to follow their bliss wherever it may take them. Whether you’re looking for braces for kids near me or an orthodontist that sees patients of all ages, you’re in the right place. Here, we combine the latest techniques and treatments and mix it with an experience that’s fun, relaxing, and, well, downright blissful.

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Let’s do this!
HERE’S What to expect
on your first visit.
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During your first visit, we’ll get to know you, snap a few digital pics of your teeth and smile, and talk to you about your smile goals. Then, we’ll carefully examine your smile by taking more digital pictures and x-rays. After that, our orthodontists will examine your smile and the images to create a custom treatment plan just for your smile.

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Fast. Efficient. Fun.

That’s how we do appointments here.


When you come in for your regular checkups and appointments, you’ll start to see your smile slowly transform. Whether you’re seeing our orthodontist for teens or adults, during your regular appointments, we’ll track your smile’s progress and make any adjustments we need to keep your smile on track. On average, most patients see us for regular check-ups every 8 weeks. These appointments take about 30 minutes.

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Life happens.

If you need to reschedule,


We keep our appointments short, sweet, and fun. To do that, we run a pretty tight schedule. Now, we understand that sometimes meetings run long, traffic becomes a nightmare, and, well, life happens. If you know you will be late or need to cancel an appointment, just let us know as soon as you can so we can get you back in at a more convenient time. Not to mention, this allows us to give the appointment you can’t make to someone else.

Do something your future
self  will thank you for.

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