Should You Treat a Loose Brace Bracket as an Emergency?

Posted on April 15, 2024

Girl With Braces Being Examined By Dentist In Clinic

Getting braces is pretty common for fixing teeth alignment, and braces do a solid job in that department. But here’s the deal – between your trips to the orthodontist, there might be moments when the brackets decide to take a little detour.

Picture this: you chomp on sticky or difficult-to-chew foods, fiddle with the wires, or accidentally bump your braces into something, and voila – loose brackets. It happens.

If you ignore those wiggly brackets, you are setting yourself up for serious irritation and discomfort. Those loose brackets might start poking at your gums, cheeks, or tongue, making you feel like you’ve got a mini battle zone in your mouth. And guess what? It can mess with your eating and talking too.

So, should you freak out when the brackets of your braces turn loose? This article will help you know what to do so you can stay calm when dealing with loose brackets. 

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What is an Orthodontic Emergency?

Orthodontic treatments are generally straightforward. They do not typically involve major surgeries that can cause major complications, leading to emergencies. Hence, orthodontic emergencies are not very common, but they can happen in serious situations during or after the treatment.

The most common orthodontic emergencies are those related to accidents and sports injuries. Because of the sudden and great impact on orthodontic applications or the teeth, a person can experience severe damage and will need immediate medical attention.

Another orthodontic emergency can be caused by a severe complication from oral surgery. This usually happens when a patient is not able to maintain good oral hygiene after an orthodontic treatment. It can also be caused by the orthodontic treatment itself, especially if the instruments used were not sterilized or the procedure was not done properly.

Generally, orthodontic emergencies involve major trauma or injury and infections in the oral cavity. With braces, orthodontic emergencies can happen if the patient experiences any of these while having braces.

What to Do If a Bracket Comes Loose?

Teeth in a dental clinic, braces are installedThe number one thing to do when you notice or feel that a bracket on your braces has become loose is to not panic. Remember that there’s a solution when the archwires protrude. 

Follow these steps to manage the bracket so that it will not cause further pain or infection in your oral cavity:

  1. Manual Fix:  Examine how long the protruding wire is. If it is not that long that it does not poke your tongue, cheek, or gums, push it gently with your finger or a clean cotton swab. Make sure your finger is clean before placing it in your mouth to fix the wire.
  2. Cover the Tip:  You can fasten a wax ball (orthodontic wax), cotton ball, or pinched gauze on the tip of the wire so that it will not be painful when it touches your gums, tongue, or cheeks. This will be a temporary fix until you get to visit your dentist.
  3. Cut Off the End:  If the wire is too long and is causing pain, you can cut it. You may ask for assistance from someone nearby. Wires can be cut using a clean nail clipper disinfected with alcohol or a wire cutter with a distal end. When using a nail clipper, be aware of the cut wire and remove it right away.
  4. Bend the Wire:  Slowly bend the wire if you do not like to cut it. Use a thin-nosed tweezer with a sterilized tip to tuck the end of the wires behind the archwire or around the bracket.
  5. Rinse:  If you were able to fix or remove the loose bracket, rinse your mouth with warm salt water or Peroxyl. Do this until you can visit your orthodontist. This can help prevent ulcers caused by irritation on the tissue from poking wires.

Then your orthodontist will know what to do with it when you visit the office. Make sure to schedule an appointment right away when any bracket comes loose.   

The Risks of Loose Braces

The length of your treatment greatly depends on how effective the braces are at straightening your teeth. The effectiveness of your braces will depend on their stability.  

When your braces become loose, it can be a major setback in your orthodontic treatment program. The risks of loose braces include:

  • Delayed treatment makes the teeth near the loose brackets catch up with the adjustment needed for straightening them
  • Protruding archwire that can poke the gums, cheeks, or tongue
  • Loose wires can cause pain, discomfort, and irritation

Although a loose bracket is not considered an orthodontic emergency, you will still need to call your orthodontist when it happens.

Notify Your Orthodontist Right Away When Brackets Become Loose

Experiencing a loose bracket can be unsettling, but it’s a common issue that many brace-wearers face at some point during their treatment. The key to minimizing any potential impact on your treatment progress is prompt action. 

Don’t wait; contact Smilebliss right away. Our expert orthodontic team is equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to address your concerns. We’re here to provide you with immediate guidance and care, ensuring your treatment stays on track.


  • How urgent is a loose bracket?

A loose bracket is generally not considered urgent unless the wire severely pokes the gums, causing excessive bleeding. This is a rare case. There are preventive measures for dealing with a loose bracket. Take the steps outlined above to fix a loose wire. When a loose bracket is caused by an accident or trauma, you might need medical attention right away.  Urgency will depend on the severity of the case.

  • How long can I wait with a loose bracket?

The urgency of addressing a loose bracket is important. Loose brackets will cause protruding wires, which can cause discomfort and pain. Hence, you should not wait to get to the doctor before dealing with the loose bracket. Follow the steps outlined in this article to properly manage a loose bracket.

  • Is a loose bracket serious?

Yes, a loose bracket is serious. Loose brackets can cause serious problems when not dealt with urgently and properly. Although the severity depends on the circumstances, you should not delay fixing a loose bracket or seeking timely treatment if necessary.

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