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Dr. Paul Cater

Dr. Cater has over 25 years of experience bringing beautiful smiles to his patients and is a top 1% Invisalign® provider in the US. No matter your age, dental issues or lifestyle, he is committed to finding an orthodontic solution that gets you the results you want.

Dr. Cater has seen braces evolve and new orthodontic solutions – such as Invisalign® – emerge. He particularly enjoys the fact that the team at Cater Galante can help people of all ages achieve the smile and healthy bites they desire. There are so many options today regarding orthodontic solutions that even the busiest adult patients who travel can still have treatment and get fabulous results.

Dr. Cater graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1992 and has been an orthodontist ever since. His Doctor of Dental Study (DDS) was from the University of the Pacific in 1989.

Dr. Paul Cater

Dr. Donna Galante

Dr. Donna Galante is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine where she received both her dental degree and her specialty certification in Orthodontics. For eight years, Dr. Galante was a clinical instructor at the University of Pennsylvania Department of Orthodontics where she was twice voted “Instructor of the Year.”

She is currently a guest lecturer at Harvard University School of Dentistry where she is teaching orthodontic residents how to effectively and predictably treat patients with Invisalign®. A faculty member for Invisalign® since 2011, she has lectured both nationally and internationally to 10,000 doctors and their teams, sharing her expertise with the Invisalign® orthodontic appliances.

Dr. Galante is a board-certified orthodontist in private practice for over 30 years. She is also an Ivy League guest lecturer and published author, helping educate other orthodontists about Invisalign® techniques and applications.

Meet Dr. Donna Galante

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