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Orthodontist in Colorado Springs: Your Guide to Expert Dental Care

The city of Colorado Springs boasts a diverse selection of orthodontic care providers, each bringing their own unique expertise and approach to orthodontic treatment. Many orthodontists in the area also prioritize continued education and invest in the latest advancements to ensure the highest standard of care.

Choosing the right orthodontist is a decision that impacts your oral health journey. Colorado Springs residents have access to highly qualified professionals at Smilebliss Orthodontics who are dedicated to creating beautiful smiles through personalized treatment plans.

We offer comprehensive consultations to discuss treatment objectives and expected outcomes, ensuring that patients are well-informed and comfortable with their orthodontic care decisions.

Learn more about our services by calling (719) 579-9773 or visiting our office at 4731 Opus Dr., Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906.

How to Get the Best Orthodontic Care in Colorado Springs

Look for an Orthodontist’s Credentials and Experience:

  • Check their years of practice and specialty training.
  • Read reviews and patient testimonials.

Treatment Options:

  • An office that offers a range of services can tailor treatment to patients’ needs.
  • It should provide traditional braces, clear aligners, and other modern orthodontic solutions.

Consultation Process:

  • Evaluate the thoroughness of the initial examination.
  • The orthodontist should explain treatment options clearly.
  • Patients should feel comfortable asking questions.

Location and Office Environment:

  • Choose a conveniently located office to ensure easy access to appointments.
  • A clean, welcoming, and well-equipped office contributes to a positive experience.

Financing and Insurance:

  • Understand the costs and payment plan options.
  • Confirm the office accepts your dental insurance or offers assistance with claims.

Types of Orthodontic Treatments We Offer in Colorado Springs


young woman smiling showin her teethTraditional metal braces consist of brackets, wires, and bands and remain a popular choice for patients of all ages. They effectively correct crowded teeth, misaligned bites, and gaps.

Smilebliss offers a comprehensive range of braces to meet the unique needs of every smile that walks through our doors. Whether you’re considering traditional metal braces for their durability and effectiveness, or you’re intrigued by the aesthetics of ceramic braces that blend seamlessly with your natural tooth color, our team is here to guide you.

Each option is tailored to ensure not just the alignment of your teeth but also the enhancement of your overall smile and oral health.

Let us help transform your smile with the precision and care it deserves.

Colored Brace Bands

young woman holding her face with colored brand bracesWe understand that wearing braces is not just about achieving a perfect smile; it’s also about enjoying the journey to get there. That’s why we’re excited to offer an array of colored bands for braces, allowing our patients to personalize their orthodontic experience.

Whether you want to showcase your school spirit, celebrate a holiday, or simply match your mood, our wide selection of colors lets you express your individuality at every appointment.

Retainer Promise Program

After braces, the Retainer Promise Program ensures teeth remain in place. This program also aims to allow our patients to get our services at a low cost.

Post-Treatment Care and Maintenance

Daily Oral Hygiene:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Floss once a day to remove plaque and food particles.
  • Use an interdental brush or water flosser on areas of your mouth and teeth that are hard to reach.

Retainer Use:

  • Wear retainers as instructed by the orthodontist to prevent teeth from shifting.
  • Clean retainers daily using a soft brush and mild soap.

Diet Recommendations:

  • Avoid sticky and hard foods that can damage orthodontic work.
  • Limit sugary foods and drinks to prevent cavities.

Regular Dental Visits:

  • Schedule regular check-ups with the dentist every six months.
  • Keep orthodontic follow-up appointments to adjust or check retainers.

Avoid Harmful Habits:

  • Patients should not chew on pens, ice, or other hard objects.
  • Discourage any habits that can put pressure on teeth, like thumb-sucking or nail-biting.

Immediate Actions on Issues:

  • If a retainer breaks or doesn’t fit correctly, contact the orthodontist promptly.
  • Report any unusual symptoms, such as persistent pain or discomfort, to the orthodontist.

Common Orthodontic Issues Treated

Our orthodontist in Colorado Springs addresses a variety of dental alignment issues, such as: 

  • Overbites: An overbite is characterized by the upper front teeth protruding over the lower front teeth. This common malocclusion can lead to gum damage and wear on the lower teeth.
  • Underbites: With an underbite, the lower front teeth are positioned further forward than the upper front teeth. This can cause difficulty in biting and chewing, as well as jaw strain.
  • Crossbites: A crossbite occurs when some of the upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth when the mouth is closed. This issue can result in worn teeth, gum disease, and bone loss.
  • Spacing Issues: Gaps between teeth may affect the appearance and function of a person’s smile. Orthodontists work to evenly distribute the teeth within the mouth.
  • Crowding: Too many teeth in a small space can lead to crowding. This often results in crooked teeth and can also hinder proper cleaning, potentially leading to decay and gum disease.
  • Open Bites: An open bite is when the upper and lower teeth do not touch when the mouth is closed. This can affect eating and speech, and it may also lead to increased wear on the remaining teeth that do make contact.

Each treatment plan is tailored to the individual’s unique needs, employing braces, clear aligners, or other orthodontic appliances to achieve the desired results. The goal is to create a functional, healthy, and visually appealing smile.

Why Choose Smilebliss?

Experienced Staff: The team at Smilebliss consists of highly skilled orthodontists with extensive training and a proven track record of successful treatments. They are adept at the latest orthodontic techniques and technology, ensuring effective and efficient care.

State-of-the-Art Technology: Smilebliss is equipped with cutting-edge technology, which allows for more accurate diagnostics and treatment planning. This leads to enhanced comfort and potentially shorter treatment times for patients.

Patient Comfort and Convenience:

  • Flexible Appointments: They understand busy schedules and offer flexible appointment times to accommodate their patients.
  • Customized Treatment Plans: Treatments are tailored to the unique needs and aesthetic goals of each patient.
  • Supportive Environment: The office atmosphere is designed for comfort, making patients of all ages feel at ease during their visits.

Results and Satisfaction: Smilebliss is committed to delivering not just straighter teeth but also beautiful smiles. They prioritize patient satisfaction and work diligently to ensure that each patient is happy with their results.

Clear Communication: Clear, forthright communication is a priority, ensuring that patients are well-informed about their treatment options and what to expect throughout their orthodontic journey.

Choosing Smilebliss for orthodontic care means entrusting one’s smile to a team of professionals dedicated to excellence in all facets of their practice. Give us a call today to get started!

About Colorado Springs

Nestled at the base of the majestic Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs is the largest city by area in Colorado and the second-most populous, following Denver. It boasts an elevation of 6,035 feet, making it one of the highest major cities in the United States.

Population and Demographics:

  • Estimated population (2023): Approximately 500,000 residents
  • Median household income: $64,712
  • Key demographics: Diverse, with a mix of families, young professionals, and military and their families


  • Climate Type: Semi-arid
  • Average Annual Sunshine: More than 240 days

Education and Military Presence:

  • Major Institutions: United States Air Force Academy, Colorado College
  • Military Installations: Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station

The economy of Colorado Springs is fortified by the military, the high-tech industry, and tourism, attributed to the city’s scenic location and plethora of outdoor activities. Visitors and locals alike relish in the expansive network of parks and trails, including the famous Garden of the Gods with its iconic red-sandstone formations.

Transportation infrastructure connects Colorado Springs with major highways like I-25 and a local airport, offering convenient access to and from the city.

This growing urban center, with a rich cultural scene, regularly hosts diverse events, from arts and crafts to rodeo competitions, reflecting its unique blend of Western charm and modern sophistication.

Things to Do in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs offers a range of activities suitable for every visitor, showcasing its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and outdoor adventures.

Garden of the Gods: This National Natural Landmark features stunning geological formations. Visitors can enjoy walking, biking, and even horseback riding on designated trails.

Activity Description
Hiking Explore numerous trails
Rock Climbing Scale striking sandstone
Visitor Center Learn about the park

Pikes Peak: Known as America’s Mountain, it provides breathtaking views and a variety of outdoor activities.

  • Driving to the summit
  • Cog Railway experience
  • Hiking Barr Trail

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo: Elevated at over 6,000 feet, this unique hillside zoo gives one an up-close look at diverse wildlife and offers giraffe feeding opportunities.


  • Animal exhibits
  • Mountaineer Sky Ride
  • Encounter programs

U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center: Sports enthusiasts can tour the facilities and glimpse the making of Olympians.


  • Guided tours
  • Athlete training areas
  • Team USA shop

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center: For those interested in arts and culture, the center provides an impressive collection of art and performances.

Art Forms:

  • Paintings and sculptures
  • Theater productions
  • Art classes and workshops

Outdoor adventurers and cultural aficionados alike will find that Colorado Springs is a destination replete with activities to engage their interests and inspire awe at the natural and cultural splendors of the region.

Interesting Facts About Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, nestled at the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains, is known for its picturesque landscapes and rich history.

Population and Altitude: Colorado Springs is the second most populated city in Colorado, following Denver. It is situated at an impressive altitude of over 6,000 feet above sea level, earning it the nickname “The Mile High City.”

Pikes Peak: A landmark that dominates the city’s western horizon is Pikes Peak, one of the most famous mountains in the United States. Standing at 14,115 feet, it inspired the song “America the Beautiful.”

Garden of the Gods: This public park is recognized for its stunning red sandstone formations. It was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1971.

US Olympic Training Center: Colorado Springs is home to the flagship training facility for the U.S. Olympic team, highlighting the city’s high altitude as ideal for athletes’ training regimens.

Military Presence: The city hosts multiple military installations, including the U.S. Air Force Academy, Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, and Schriever Air Force Base.With its unique blend of natural beauty, military significance, and athletic prestige, Colorado Springs provides a compelling environment for residents and visitors alike.

Notable Residents

  • Kelly Bishop, actress known for her role in the hit TV series Gilmore Girls
  • Cassandra Peterson, actress known for her role as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
  • Beverly Lewis, author
  • Black Pegasus, musician

Nearby Suburbs

  • Cimarron Hills
  • Knob Hill
  • Pleasant Valley
  • Broadmoor


Colorado Springs have a wide variety of public transportations such as taxis, car sharing, bike sharing, rail, and limouisin service

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