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Transform Your Look with Colored Bands for Braces in Charleston

Considering braces in Charleston to enhance your smile? Smilebliss offers a fun twist with a variety of colored bands for braces, blending style with personality.

Our innovative approach makes the process of getting braces easier, boosting your confidence with a modern and customizable treatment.

Discover more about Smilebliss’ unique colored band options and how they’re changing the orthodontic experience. Call our Charleston location today at (843) 769-9999.

What are Colored Bands for Braces?

Woman showing her teeth with bracesAlso known as “rubber bands” for braces, colored bands for braces are decorative accessories applied to orthodontic braces. These colorful bands can be used to highlight individual teeth and add a personal flair, as well as brighten up the traditional look of the braces.

There are two types of rubber bands on braces: elastic ligatures and interarch rubber bands. Ligatures are the rubber bands that appear interwoven into each bracket. They come in all different colors and can be a fun form of self-expression.

These work to keep the archwire in place through the bracket, but they can also help move your teeth. Over time, they lose strength and must be replaced at every appointment.

Types of Bands for Braces

Rubber Bands

The standard way to add color to braces is through rubber bands. Most orthodontists provide their patients with a few different colors of rubber bands so they can mix and match them into custom patterns.

The traditional size used is usually small—sized #3 or smaller—but styles like WildSmiles feature larger sizes that allow for even more complex designs. You can even combine rubber bands of different sizes and colors on the same bracket if you’re feeling adventurous!

Adhesive-Backed Bands

These colorful, adhesive-backed wraparound bands can also be used as part of your braces look.

Available in neon and glittery choices, they come in packages like brace-face VIP, which contain 30 different wraparound band designs including hearts, dots, stars, and stripes—perfect for kids who never want their smile design to look boring.

These wraparounds are just snapped onto the brackets like normal rubberbands but don’t have the same tension so they won’t move or adjust teeth; they should really only be used once you’re finished with treatment and just need to leave them on as decorative pieces since their function isn’t actually changing the teeth’s alignment during treatment.

Colored Elastics

Dental Metal Braces with colored bandsWhile smaller elastic rings are typically used while braces are being adjusted (also known as ligature ties), some people opt for larger-sized elastics in different colors so that they can show off their style more easily!

Larger elastic ties also tend to last longer than regular rubber bands because they don’t require as much adjustment. If you choose this route, just make sure that your orthodontist recommends it; bigger elastics can cause discomfort if not applied correctly by an experienced professional!

Screws and Spacers

Another option when it comes to spicing up your smile style with colored accents is screws and spacers. These metal pieces come in a variety of colors, such as red, purple, and blue – perfect for patients looking for something extra special!

These types of brace accessories are purely decorative – they will not make any adjustments or move teeth at all! They simply serve as embellishments when it comes time to show off your new smile design after treatment is complete!

Color Options for Braces Bands

The favorite colors for braces bands are pink, orange, red, green, blue, yellow, and purple. Your orthodontist will help you choose the best colors.

Here are some ideas for picking the color of your braces:

  • Your Favorite Color: Choose your favorite color, or mix it up with multiple colors, like a rainbow!
  • Match Your Clothes: Look at the colors you wear often and choose a braces color that matches your style. For something more versatile, pick a neutral shade close to your teeth color.
  • Holiday Themes: Have fun with your braces by matching them with upcoming holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July, or Christmas. They can also add flair to special events like weddings or graduations.
  • Support Your Team: Show off your favorite sports team’s colors on your braces.
  • Eye Color Coordination: Choose green bands for brown eyes, blue, pink, or lilac for blue eyes, and purple, red, green, or orange for green eyes.
  • Clear Option: If you prefer a less noticeable option, Invisalign clear aligners might be for you.

Types Of Colored Bands Available for Braces at Smilebliss

Smilebliss offers several types of colored bands that can be used to customize an individual’s particular treatment. Our bands come in a variety of colors, ranging from classic and traditional white and silver to more eye-catching shades like blue, green, pink, and yellow.

In addition to improving the aesthetics of braces with colorful bands, we also provide an extra way to express one’s personality while undergoing a potentially uncomfortable process.

Personalizing Braces with Colored Bands

Macro snapshot of teeth and ceramic braces with colorful rubber bandsPersonalizing your braces with colored bands is a fun way to show off your personality while having a smile makeover.

A variety of colors and shades are available so you can find the perfect combination that best reflects your look.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the use of colored bands makes it easier for orthodontists to locate different parts of the brace when adjusting it, which helps to ensure the proper alignment of teeth for optimal results.

Maintaining Oral Hygiene With Braces and Colored Bands

  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste to brush at least twice a day.
  • Keep dental floss in your mouth after brushing, making sure it is long enough to access all areas of the braces.
  • Alcohol-free and sugar-free mouthwash should be used daily.
  • See your dentist regularly for checkups, cleanings, and adjustments as needed.

Cost of Colored Bands for Braces in Charleston

The cost of colored bands for braces depends on the type of materials and services used.

Generally, the costs may start around $50 per arch or $25 for each band and increase from there depending on the complexity of the braces.

For example, metal braces with a ceramic coating can be more expensive than traditional metal braces. In addition to the cost of materials, patients may also need to factor in appointments and follow-up visits, which can add up quickly.

Patients should always consult with their orthodontist to get an accurate estimate prior to starting treatment.

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