Exploring the Surge in Demand for Orthodontic Services: Causes and Implications

Posted on March 27, 2024

female dental open mouth with fixator gel braces at the reception

Lately, more people want to fix their teeth, and it’s not just for a great smile. There are many reasons why. Plus, with everyone sharing pictures online, everyone wants their teeth to look good. This means not just kids, but adults too are looking to get their teeth straightened.

As we look into why more people are going to the orthodontist for this, it’s clear that having options that fit everyone’s needs is important. That’s where Smilebliss comes in. If you’re thinking about getting your teeth straightened, Smilebliss is here to make sure you get the best care for your smile.

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Changing Perceptions of Aesthetics

The standard of beauty keeps changing as the years progress since more and more offers on body modification are popping up.

Progress in technology and the extensive use of social media have heightened the recognition of various beauty standards and aesthetic results, thereby expanding the understanding of beauty and appeal.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be the best version of yourself, which is why some people seek orthodontic treatment for aesthetic reasons.

Rising Awareness and Education

People’s awareness of orthodontic treatment has increased due to several reasons, such as the power of social media in promoting the aesthetic side of orthodontic procedures. As the information is shared, more people are educated on what orthodontics can do for them.

Technological Advances in Orthodontics

Technology has developed many new machines, equipment, and other tools related to orthodontics.

Here are some examples:

  • Digital X-rays and 3D dental imaging

    dentistThese types of equipment can produce better results and even faster results compared with old-fashioned ones. This way, an orthodontist can get access to the results immediately without waiting for them to develop.

  • iTero scanner for digital impressions

    Manual impressions are time-consuming and inaccurate sometimes. With the use of an iTero scanner, making impressions has become a lot easier. A scan of the patient’s mouth can already reveal the impressions.

  • Use of Nickel and copper-titanium wires

    The commonly used wires for braces are those made of stainless steel, but now nickel and copper-titanium have been discovered to be more reliable as they can bend when exposed to the heat of the mouth. Tightening is not needed as much since it can easily be adjusted on the first application, compared to older types of braces, where a series of tightenings are needed.

  • Clear Aligners

    Clear aligners are an advancement that allows the benefit of teeth straightening without the look of braces. Clear aligners are a great way to straighten teeth without the appearance of metal braces.

Financial Accessibility and Flexible Options

Orthodontics has traditionally been expensive, making treatment out of reach for many. However, at Smilebliss, treatment is affordable, with braces costing only $2,998 total and clear aligners costing $3,998.

Link Between Oral Health and Overall Health

When we talk about fixing our teeth, it’s not just about having a pretty smile. It’s also a big part of keeping our whole body healthy.

Scientists have found out that if your mouth is not healthy, it can lead to problems in other parts of your body. For example, if you have gum disease, it can make heart problems or diabetes worse. This is because the bad germs in your mouth can travel to other places in your body.

So, when people decide to get orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth, they’re also helping their overall health. This is one reason why more people are interested in getting their teeth fixed.

Another reason for the increase in people wanting orthodontic treatment is that everyone is starting to understand how important healthy teeth are. When your teeth are straight, it’s easier to clean them well, which means fewer germs and a healthier mouth.

This not only helps keep your whole body healthier but also makes you feel better about your smile. That’s why nowadays, both kids and adults are more eager to visit the orthodontist. They know that taking care of their teeth means taking care of their health, and they’re ready to make that a priority.

Final Thoughts

The increased interest in orthodontic treatments is influenced by evolving beauty standards, technological advancements like clear aligners, and a broader awareness of oral health’s impact.

This trend highlights a shift towards aesthetic improvement and preventive care in dentistry. Smilebliss is committed to guiding you on this journey, offering state-of-the-art treatments that cater to both your aesthetic desires and oral health needs.

For personalized care that leads to a healthier, more confident smile, reach out to Smilebliss for a consultation.


Why are more people getting orthodontic treatment nowadays?

  • More people are opting for orthodontic treatment due to increased awareness of oral health’s impact on overall well-being, advancements in orthodontic technology making treatments less noticeable and more comfortable, and the influence of social media emphasizing the importance of a great smile.

Does orthodontic treatment benefit adults as well as children?

  • Yes, orthodontic treatment is beneficial for both adults and children. It’s never too late to improve oral health, correct dental issues, and achieve a beautiful smile, leading to a rise in adults seeking treatment.

How do straight teeth contribute to overall health?

  • Straight teeth are easier to clean, reducing the risk of gum disease and decay. They also lessen the strain on jaw muscles and joints, preventing jaw pain, headaches, and other issues. This contributes to better oral health and, by extension, overall health.

Are invisible braces a reason for the increased demand for orthodontic treatments?

  • Yes, the availability of invisible braces and clear aligners has made orthodontic treatment more appealing to people who might not want traditional metal braces. They are less noticeable and can be removed for eating and cleaning, making them a popular choice.

Can improving my smile with orthodontic treatment improve my self-confidence?

  • Absolutely! A straighter, more attractive smile can significantly boost self-esteem and confidence. Many people seek orthodontic treatment because they are self-conscious about their teeth and want to feel better about their appearance.

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